7 Top Tips for Choosing What to do for Lent & Making it Count!

Have you decided to give something up for Lent?

So I would like you to choose something that actually will enhance your life by doing it, so you will feel motivated by doing so…. Perhaps you could change your internal dialogue from limiting to positive, so you will give up being hard on yourself? Perhaps you will give up seeing the cup half empty, and make it half full? Perhaps you will give up eating food that doesn’t give you good energy, so you will be fitter and leaner, perhaps you will give up missing that rest day, so you can be in optimal condition from your training….

I have highlighted my Top 7 Tips which I use with my everyday clients right up to my GB Olympic Athletes & Top Secret Media Personalities! They are part of a proven system that really does help you achieve your goals…. So if you would really like to make a positive change this Lent, take action for 40 days consistently and let me know how you get on….. I dare you to go for it!

1. Become really clear on your Motivation & Why you are Giving it up for Lent and what you will gain by doing so.

2.Make a plan to change the behaviour, langauge or habit that works for you & stick to it

3. Make yourself accountable with two people & believe in yourself

4. Keep a feel good diary, use positive self talk & stay focused on the positive outcome at the end of Lent

5. Have  a Clear Goals Yet Be Flexible & Listen to your Body, if one day goes wrong, don’t worry just stay on track the following day.

6. Create a big vision board for Easter 2012, and what you will have achieved, fill it with words, inspiring photos, people to encourage you daily!

7. Enjoy it 🙂

So….. Some may argue easier said than done, but I would argue it is harder to stay where you are. However, it has to be the right time to change how you feel, achieve big goals and make things happen. So take some time on the evening you read this Blog, about an hour, and write some ideas down. Then create a clear goal for Lent, and just begin!

Let us know how you get on, trust & believe in yourself and if we can help in anyway do just send us an email, we are more than happy to help you.   Dare you to make a Big Change in the next 40 Days to make Easter Energised & Excellent!

Happy days Kim

ps.  We have 3 spaces left on our Italy Fitness & Wellbeing Camp 6-12th May 2012 too if you are tempted to have an amazing week let us know.