#SundayThought: ‘Where’s there hope, there’s life…’

‘Where there’s hope, there’s life. It fills us with fresh courage and makes us strong again.’ Anne Frank

Through lockdown 1 & 2 I’ve been community volunteering with my ‘Energised Crew’ as I’ve named them. 10 beautiful humans needing support from food shopping & prescription pick ups to a friendly face to say hello too. I have a little rota to fit around my little business so I can cycle or walk to each of them,

I feel lucky I can help them & they help me, with their smiles, stories and appreciation. I put notes through their doors in March and they all replied saying yes to help. I now have new friends over 70 yrs old from all walks of life, they call me their ray of sunshine which makes me smile & gives me hope,

They remind me, to make today count. To find magic in the ordinary, to get lost in the sound of music, to make time to really listen, to be in nature & to choose love over fear,

For a messy, whole life is worth showing up for,

So to wonderful you reading this, near or far – may you have the courage & kindness in your mind, body and adventuring soul, to live whole heartedly each day, for you matter.

And as Vera says, keep love in your heart, a little mischief in your step, strength in your soul & sparkle in your eyes,

➡️What’s helping you during these times? Sharing can help each other, a spiral of support,

This article on ‘How to survive a winter lockdown, from those who’ve done it’ may help too, to read the article click here

I am here for you, love, move, lift, breath, create, commit. If I can help do get in touch, check out the Energised courses – Yoga Nidra Magic coming up soon, or just email info@energisedperformance.com,
Big energised support, Kim ✨