Virtual Sports Therapy Appointments

While EP Sports Therapist Gail was new to virtual video appointments pre lockdown she and her clients have been impressed by how well they can work…

‘I was hesitant about offering video appointments, not only from the myriad of formats available, skype, zoom, teams, messenger, whatsapp, etc, but also whether I could still give effective treatments in a totally hands off way.

Technology can be a disadvantage, not just from choosing one of many formats but also internet connection, feeling silly on camera, not being able to perform certain tests and picking up non-verbal cues is a little harder. And the one thing I know a lot of people are missing at the moment – the power of touch.

However there are some really good advantages to remote appointments, first and foremost is convenience, if you’re injured, away from home or lead a busy life getting to a clinic can be really awkward. I can also see aspects of your home life, where you might work, space, equipment and time constraints for any stretches or exercises set for self management. There are some snazzy apps out there too, like coaches eye where you can record your normal run, walk or activity and use the app to assess your gait pattern.

And speaking of self management, the emphasis on this aspect is really important. I can be just as guilty as my clients for not always doing my rehab homework; for the return of strength, mobility and returning to activity this is actually the key and remote appointments focus on this more than in person sessions.

Having run some virtual appointments now, I don’t think they can replace in person treatments but they are very effective for most simple musculoskeletal issues especially in current times.’

If you would like to chat about how virtual appointments can work for you, get in touch with Kim and Gail by popping an email to, or book with Gail directly HERE

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Photo courtesy of Sophie Carefull Photography