Monday Motivation – Do you do something different each year?

 ‘If you want something different, you have to do and think something different’


Think about what you do and think right now…. often our thoughts and habits are like comfortable or uncomfortable seats…. they are familiar to us. They kind of work yet don’t quite work if we keep doing the same as life changes, we evolve, we change.


So if you find yourself wishing you could do something or feel something different, pause. Take yourself somewhere different for a few hours with a notebook and pen and write down what you really would like to feel and do differently.


Then write down what you’re currently doing that you would like to change, simple clear and consistent steps. Next find a mentor, coach and / or couple of key friends to support and keep you accountable to making it happen…. it could be uncomfortable and challenging, it could unbalance things and give you fears and what ifs, but you know what, I promise you will be absolutely fine and can totally ‘do this’.


Every different starts with a desire to change , which often comes as an opportunity for growth. Embrace this… we get one beautiful life, it’s hard, it’s messy, there is rarely a right or wrong decision, so embrace your decision and dare to start to grow different today ……


If you are stuck, overwhelmed or over excited and would like some help structuring and committing let me know, it’s what I love doing … being that a sporting or adventure goal, entrepreneur growth, home or inner confidence shift,

Huge support always and big strength, Kim #unlockyourpotential


Ps love, love Camilla Sacre-Dallerup’s new book #reinventme, check it out and make your August amazing. Complete this with tickets to Hay House UK’s #icandoit with Dr David Hamilton and you will be sorted this Autumn 💙


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