#MondayMotivation – Do you Make a Decision or Procrastinate?

Happy Monday and week ahead…. a little thought from our Make 2017 Brilliant Mentoring Group about decisions.

‘The more you love your decisions and trust yourself to make them, the less you need others to love them to make your decision…’

There is a great interview in Red Magazine with Shonda Rhimes and her tips to help you for the week ahead and most importantly to make decisions, rather than waste energy feeling stuck.


  1. Know your own power and use it wisely and well
  2. Look outwards, don’t get stuck reflecting inwards with your struggle
  3. Take up more space, never be afraid to do this
  4. Make yourself a whole person, don’t get stuck in one dimensional areas, be all of you
  5. Don’t just dream and wish, do it, act and believe
  6. Help your kids or/& other people be the best they are already
  7. Run into a tornado, embrace fear (Watch Kim’s TEDx Talk)
  8. Work towards good, focus on this


Choose one of these and act of them this week, and every week through August.


Also buy a copy of Shonda Rhimes #yearofyes (with my The Hound of Happiness 52 tips to feel good & you get a handbag/sports bag confidence boost & you support Charity)


Happy week and much support, whatever your doing, eat, move, sleep and think strong and good, big support Coach Kim 💙


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