#MondayMotivation – Change is good, right…. ?

‘Change is good….?’

What do you reckon…. I think it is. But it’s also scary, messy and creates an uncomfortable growth phase.

To get unbalanced, to ‘not get it right’ , to feel vulnerable… you know what, it’s all normal.

Yet one of the keys to #innerconfidence I truly believe is giving yourself some time to just be in chaos. To actually not have a plan. As it’s often in those moments you find the depth of your passion and purpose to allow you to change, grow and find your #innerconfidence.

As Maya Angelou says, you must always be kind, yet you must always protect your inner spark. When someone gets to that, you have to draw a boundary with no. Because if you’re Spark isn’t quietly lit or boldly shining, how can you access your true potential? Boundaries require change.

She also talks about being a friend. Be a friend to yourself first, and then go and be a friend to someone who needs you. Friendship to yourself and those around you lights the spark. Sometimes all that is needed is you being there.

And finally as Paulo Coelho says you have to make mistakes. Mistakes give you opportunities, growth, lessons and experiences. They happen from making decisions and things not working out, but through this you chose and grow.

I love these wise people and their thoughts on Oprah Winfrey’s #soulsundaypodcasts. Check them out.

If you would like some support through change and growing your #innerconfidence do join my Confidence Fit Club, 2 days left to sign up, I’m excited about the theme for each month until the end of the year, and would love to welcome you.

And if I can help you change your attitude, your courage and grow your confidence for sport, adventures, love and life it would be my complete pleasure. Having a coach helps you grow and change…. and life is for living your very best, each day.

Think about it, keep doing and thinking what you’ve always done, you will play safe and maybe get stuck…

I’ve been there, it’s okay yet let’s grow now:-) 🌱

Big support always, Kim ⭐️


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