Remember to Celebrate

‘Remember to celebrate,

The moments, in the moment,

Happiness for yourself & others,

Pure contentment & joy.’

Remember to celebrate

You never really know what tomorrow will bring, you can have all the plans & commitment, but sometimes life has different plans.

Remember to celebrate

Please make sure you celebrate the moments, you take the risks, you follow your dreams with actions, and you tell those you love, when they are alive how much they truly matter.

Remember to celebrate

Make time for love, laughter, simple joys & adventures, memories and magic.


Be kind to yourself, yet also be brave, to feel all the feels & create a life with meaning and magic to love…. if we can help, please ask 💛

Taken from our Book #52waystofeelgood @thehoundofhappiness, find it on @amazon @kondigifts Bristol & direct signed DM £10.

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