Think about your WHY for your 2022’s New Year’s Resolutions

Think about how things are flowing in 2022 for you so far… I would love to know.

We are here to help you in Mind, Body and Soul feel supported and as well as you can.

Now is the perfect time therefore, for a quick check in…. think about your WHY for your New Year’s Resolutions:

  • Why your goal matters to you, like really matters.
  • What you will gain from taking the steps to make it happen.
  • Your motivation.

So try this to help with your focus for your motivation and goal

– mindmap why you want to run, train, sing, cook or whatever your goal is

– do this every day you feel unsure before you start, like your own mind ninja training

– listen to podcasts, read & make playlists to keep you focused on what you are doing

– breathe in I’m okay and out the fear and anxiety – notice the tiny wins towards the big goals and celebrate

– let go of insane pressure to ‘get it right’ every day

– face fear with courage, get support and know you can do it , I promise you

Let me know how you go or if you need support or have questions – you and your goals, matter more than your fears, Coach Kim