Flowing into 2022

Flowing into 2022  – how can we help you become your best, have a think and let us know… and your plans, races, adventures or just new life ideas in these unusual times, it would be my privilege to support you, With much Energised Support, Gratitude and Strength, Keep well, look after your mind, body and soul, for you matter as we flow into 2022, 

For Support to Make 2022 Brilliant & New Resolutions happen gradually… we will be running our Charity 14 Day New Year Challenge starting Sun 9th Jan, Make 2022 Brilliant Workshop online Sun 23rd Jan, and our Feb Mentoring VIP Year, 1:1 Coaching, Adventure plans and more….  If you would like to have some support or just have any questions, pop a message and we will send some more info over 

We have been running bespoke blood testing with two excellent Doctor’s in London for several years now. I’m excited to now be able to offer online blood bookings with another company, Forth Life & Edge, where you can order direct and save 8% (direct to you, no financial benefit to us, but if you tick we can see your results too and offer 1;1 coaching with it).  The direct link is here. They have a really good App so your results will be checked by a Doctor and then if you opt for a subscription, every 3 – 9 months you can repeat and track.   If you are curious about this or have any questions, please do reply.  It’s not for everyone, but it is a really useful tool if you are feeling run down, on a long wait list or want to enhance winter wellness, training and overall happiness.  Another piece in the jigsaw. 

Here are a few links we think you may like, do tag and share if you find them useful: 

5 top tips to keep your new year resolutions, click HERE

RED January is back for 2022, the month-long challenge encourages people to support their mental health by doing something active every day of the month. Whether you run, swim, cycle, or choose your own favourite fitness activity you can set your goal and get support from the RED community.

My 5 Top Tips to Live in the Moment with Bare Biology, which kind of feel relevant for now – I really like their new Vegan Omega Blend – have a look at the range here, KIM10 should give you 10% off first order too 

This is a great article looking at a systematic review of how much rest between sets is required for muscle growth when doing resistance training.

The Benefits of Green Juice, especially to boost immunity as seasons change with Lean Greens, Amber Boost (which is Vit D, Turmeric and Black Pepper), and Probiotics – getting great results using these, code KIM10 gives you 10% off  – any questions on what is best just reply. 

How to manage adrenal fatigue, inflammation, thyroid problems and more – Dr Will Cole – works well with blood testing and DNAFit testing 

Good beginner tips for a Half Marathon – with many virtual races, love to know if you are doing any? If you would like help for Spring 2022 races and beyond, just pop a reply 

To book in person Sports Therapy or Massage appointments in Bristol with Gail, click HERE or pop a reply

There you have it…. any requests just let us know, we are adapting and want to improve what we offer you, so all replies and ideas are welcome. 

Big support, Kim & Gail