Read this for 2 Inspirational Quotes, YOUTube Clips & Photos today

What a wonderful crisp, autumnal morning!

On our Energised Performance Facebook Page & Twitter Account there are often lots of inspiring links. I really believe that a positive daily focus can help motivate and inspire YOU to set some goals, believe in YOU and get going.

So we thought we would share a couple with you today with 10 weeks until 2012!

Starting with one of my Mum’s favourite quotes,

“Be faithful in the small things because it is within them your strength lies…..” Mother Teresa

The two photo’s we have found are from Kelly and her company, PT Business Success. Check out the links below to follow – she has some great photos for thought.  I think the first one about success is brilliant … and reminds us to keep going even if you feel like you are in a jumble!

To add real value to YOU – 3 mini tips…

* Start a Journal – writing down 3 positive things that made you smile and feel good each day (however small) and two things you could learn from and do/respond differently next time. Do this for a month and let us know how you get on!

* Read lots of books, listen to podcasts, learn and be open to new things

– If you are new (or would like a good reminder!) in the fitness industry check out Paul Mort’s great Blog

* Take time out to have Fun & Smile and always BELIEVE in YOU and Respect YOU

That is all for today!

Just a little bit of inspiration to get you going, please do let us know how you get on.

NOW…. DO take about 8 mins out … watch these two inspiring YOUTube clips and take a moment to reflect on the message they give to you…

Enjoy watching….

* 2 of Many YOUTube Clips to watch … please comment with any other great ones you have found and share the inspiration……

1. X Factor Audition (Thanks to one of my longest clients & now friend Julie Lambourne for sharing this one) .… trust me, it will make you think about believing in YOU and making things happen:

Inspiration from unknown beginnings…

2. Steve Jobs … so many quotes and thoughts shared – this is a brilliant summary (Thanks to so many sharing this one, and ones similar, including Camilla Aryton, a great PT & ViPR Expert:

No Big Deal – Just 3 Stories from Steve Jobs in 4.5mins – take some time to watch it

To follow the links for Daily Top Tips:

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“Whatever you dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. Begin it now..” Goethe