Make Every Day Count.

‘Plan for the future, Live in the Moment.

Be Present & Happy with Now.

You never know what is around the corner….’   Diaz

Yesterday was an interesting day.

I am really lucky to work with so many inspiring people, and support them with the range of Energised services, NLP, Hypnotherapy, PT, Massage etc.

Yesterday all of these services were used with some of my longest, most wonderful clients. This little Blog is to provoke you to Live in the Moment, to have the courage to do what you always say you want to do, but never quite make happen, and to tell the people that you really care about just that!

Why this Blog …? Yesterday two clients lost close family members, suddenly. One friend lost her baby, which should have been born at the weekend.

I trained & coached four amazing GP referral clients – one has Mysthenia Gravis, one Post Stroke & Cancer Rehab, one with Cerebral Palsy & one with post Weils & Cardiac Rehab.

I was then sent 2 links: one from Dax Moy ( about his experience during the Tsunami (read the end if you are short of time) , and one from Pete Cohen about his wonderful girlfriend, Hannah who neeeds a life saving operation and needs to raise £150,000 to have it.

Visit TEAM HANNAH and donate if you can….. – follow her progress on FB & Twitter too.

I really just wanted to share these thoughts with you, because it is in these moments that we should take a moment to appreciate what and who we have around us, to have the courage to really like the people we are, and to go and make things happen, today.

At Energised we are constantly raising funds to charity – so far over £16,000.

Our next event is this Saturday so if you are in Bristol come along to our Big Charity Bootcamp for CoppaFeel (Breast Cancer) – this is another heart warming story from Kris, her story and amazing charity she has build up – check it out…  At the Bootcamp this Sat 29th Oct in Bristol – all levels of fitness welcome just sign up here: £10 donation – all to CoppaFeel – we donate all our time.

After that is the Children in Need Spinathon on Fri 18th November – sign up now for this great cause too. Bear outfits optional!

So …. today do ONE Thing to make a difference to someone else – a random act of kindness & do ONE Thing to make a difference to YOU, to make you feel ENERGISED!

For Fitness, Fun, Confidence & Wellbeing please just be in touch 🙂

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