#MondayMotivation: Finding your messy balance

Find your messy balance 💛 I think it’s more like an ebb and flow of super busy times, and then a moment to pause and rebalance. It depends on your lifestyle, but daily balance I think is unusual with the athletes, Strictly pros, adventurers and pretty much all of us… but the magic key is planning the slower more internal time, to balance the external push time, what do you think…?
Flowing into September its great to pause & reflect on how much time you spend doing, feeling, being & thinking how you would like. It’s also a great time to action change, like the season. Take the pause & write down the possibilities, share your Sept priority, commit to you 🌱
I like this thought ‘It’s all messy. The hair, the bed, the words, the heart. Life’ 🌟
Embrace your messy, wonderful passions with purpose. Pop me a question if I can help
With magic support, Kim 🌟
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