#ThursdayTherapy: Mind Body Connection

EP Therapist Gail has been looking at the link between mind and body. How much your mind can affect your physical state and how simple techniques can allow a bit of breathing space.
“While the first written mention of meditation is from 1500BCE, the art is at least 7000 years old, and science is now beginning to understand the effect it can have on stress levels.
One recent study showed that mindfulness techniques can lower the levels of ACTH (a stress related hormone) and can give greater resilience to further stressful periods (1).
Slowing down and deepening the breath can relax muscles, lower blood pressure and switch off our ‘fight, flight, thaw or freeze’ response, allowing our limbic system to go back to it’s normal function instead of diverting energy reserves to our stress response (2).
If that sounds a bit too fluffy think about how when you’ve pushed the cardio hard and you’re out of breath, the first thing you do to recover is try to regulate your breathing with deeper slower breaths, this in turn slows the heart rate back down as your body gets the oxygen that it needs.
Here’s a simple breathing exercise you can do at throughout the day….
‪It’s really simple and takes two minutes, closing your eyes and taking a few deep breaths in and out;
🌟Inhale through your nose and count to five with want you want to feel, e.g. calm, confidence, etc
🌟Exhale through your nose and count to five with want you don’t want to feel e.g. stress, doubt, etc
🌟Repeat as often as you need
For more in depth information on the current science have a read of these two articles
(1) Elizabeth Hoge, ‘The effect of mindfulness meditation training on biological acute stress responses in generalized anxiety disorder’ (2017). Available HERE
(2) ‘The Best Breathing Exercises for Stress Relief’. (2018). Available HERE
Another way to help de-stress and allow you to connect mind and body is through massage & soft tissue treatments, this can be sports or swedish massage, myofascial release, dry cupping, dry needling, etc, whatever helps you feel relaxed and allows your brain to process.”
You can book in with Gail for the above treatments, except dry needling at the moment – coming soon, HERE or contact her by email – energisedgail@gmail.com or text/call 07818404426.
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