#TuesdayThought: Jake’s Life Tips

Jake’s Life Tips… in honour & memory of The Hound of Happiness


Start each day with optimism & hope, you never know what might happen if you have a wag & a smile


go for a daily walk, or two without your phone & look up, breathe deep & be present in the moment, it’s good for your inner wag


eat good nourishing food, with sprinkles of whatever you fancy. Also have a bowl or two of water, especially if it’s hot


Zoom around, get fit & strong in ways you enjoy – yet equally chill out & rest, lie on your back and watch the sun set


Tough times happen, people make judgements, life can be a challenge but always have hope, remember you matter & look after your thoughts, be helpful


use your brain, learn new things even if it’s challenging, read a book, learn a skill


go on adventures, explore new places, make time, don’t wait for tomorrow


give daily hugs, to yourself & those you love, believe in love, and you are loveable whatever your story


be the #humanofhappiness you want to be, live the life you imagine for your never know when tomorrow is the end


Mums found it hard without me, I keep reminding her to trust herself & to keep the magic of us alive.


Tag a human who this might help & share the Jakey magic, you can follow me on my page for more tips The Hound of Happiness & Dog Author, share my book #52waystofeelgood with those that need a little help – all profit goes to charity 🙏🏻


Do the same if you’re having a tough time, however big or small, little daily habits to help yourself.


Big healing wags from above, the Angel Hound of Happiness, Jake & my mum Kim, still here to help you smile 🐾

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