#FridayFood Nutrition

Nutrition is key for our health, performance and happiness, can be really confusing yet I always believe, keep it simple & be your own detective.
So listen to how your body responds when you eat different things, and know sometimes what’s ‘right’ at one stage/age/goal in your life could change. And never be afraid to ask for help and support 🌱
The Optimum Nutrition for Health & Performance course has been a great refresher on the foundations of optimum nutrition for every day life as well as performance, to offer the best for my athletes and clients, whatever your goal.
What I eat now is so different to what I ate 5, 10 & 15 years ago…. partly through knowledge and experimenting with DNAfit results etc, partly through different goals, hormones and age.
I think the key thing most people ‘get wrong’ is timing of food, balance of food for training volume to goals & forgetting to enjoy meals.
This is one of my yummy meals, local free range chicken, with red cabbage, spinach, mushrooms, black olives, watercress, mushrooms, seasoned with oregano form Morocco, black pepper, olive oil & lemon, yummy and quick.
To share yummy food visit 91 Ways to Build a Global City in Bristol for delicious supper clubs 💚
Any questions, support or advice do ping them below, happy to help and if I can’t, recommend someone who can.
If you’re interested in the Optimum Nutrition for Health & Performance course, sign up and join me, or let me know how you are getting on. Any questions pop them below too, always good to ask if you are unsure
Big support, Kim 🌟
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