Energised Ladies & Mother’s Day Thoughts & Suggestions!

So I love working with the Energised Ladies, from Mum’s to Teenage Girls, Athlete & Celebrities, Extreme Charity Challenges to Everyday people you are all brilliant!

My aim is to help Ladies to feel good about themselves, inside and out, increasing body confidence, fitness, energy and wellbeing, whatever your age, whatever your goal. We do this by combining our personal training, NLP, nutrition, posture and coaching skills to help you get results.

I often find my clients have little time for themselves and coming up this Sunday is Mother’s Day, if you are a Mother or not, I choose to celebrate this day to thank the ladies in my life that I really value, my sister, good girl friends & other women who have been amazing in my life, as well as course as my Mum!

So two things to think about:

1. What do you do for you each week that enhances the person you are, improves your well being and fitness and makes you smile?

2. Who are the Top 5 Ladies in your Life who make you feel good and when was the last time you told them, and did something special for them or with them?

Men – if you are feeling left out you can answer the questions too and share the Energised Philosophy.

Then if you are looking for a Mother’s Day Gift or a Present for a Lovely Lady here are a few suggestions:

1. Sweaty Betty – The best kit around, stylish, flattering and functional for all sports from running around to yoga, ski to beach,  dance to strength – check out their website www.sweatybetty.com and if you live in Bristol pop into the Boutique on the Clifton Triangle and say hello to Ruby, Tash and the Team.

2.  Shock Absorber Bra’s – the best range of bra’s around for all sorts of sports specific bra’s, cleavage enhancing to swim wear. A must have in your gym bag.  To gain £5 off your SportsBra quote KimEP and call 01475504175 – good times! To view their Bounceometer and find your perfect bra click here: www.shockabsorber.co.uk and if you are not sure ask us too.

This is what one of my clients (we didn’t pay her!!) said about recently changing into a Shock Absorber Bra on our recommendation (She had it fitted at Sweatshop Bristol by the lovely Jan!) “Having road-tested a few, The Shock Absorber Run bra is the best sports bra I have come across, by a long distance!  It is comfortable, supportive, easy to put on, comes in a good range of sizes & colours, and is widely available – features that not all sports bras can boast!  The fantastic fit means you know you’re well supported, and are not going to suffer from rubbing or chaffing – all of which are very important!”

3. Subscribe to a Women’s Fitness Magazine – there are SO Many good ones out there!  Check out Women’s Running, Bodyfit, Sportsister (we can send you a copy) Health & Fitness, Zest, Ultrafit, Top Sante, Women’s Fitness and the new magazine Women’s Health which is packed full of great articles and prevents you nicking your partner’s Men’s Health now! If you are not sure which one would suit, just ask us as we write for them all so can advice you on which is best for your present, or you personally.

To find out more about Women’s Health click here: http://www.womenshealthmag.co.uk/

4. We have to suggest it and would love to meet the Special Ladies out there! Book a session with us – you can buy Gift Vouchers from £10 upwards which can be used on any of our services from Bootcamp to Kettlebells, or a 30mins Skype Coaching session anywhere in the World, to a training plan or Mental Strength & Body Confidence Coaching. In Bristol you can also use it on Sports Massage or 1;1 Training. For every £20 Voucher you buy – we will add £5! We can email you the vouchers and put a personal message – just text or call 07720 845849 or email info@energisedperformance.com and we will get it sorted for you.

5. Enter a Race (if they would like that!) … Ladies only events include Race for Life, Dorney Lake Women’s Only Triathlon, SheActive Women’s Duathlon, Cotswold Ladies Only Triathlon and many more. Have a look and if you need support with training and any advice just ask us – we are more than happy to help…

In the meantime, have a Happy Mother’s (Energised Ladies) Day and celebrate the wonderfulness of YOU and all the Wonderful Ladies in your life. Happy, Energised Times from the Energised Ladies Kim, Sarah & Gail!