Top Tips to Wake Up Feeling Energised!

I often get asked how can you start the day and be Energised! To me optimal sleep, rest and recovery are key to feeling Energised, combined with starting the day correctly. So here are my Top Tips for a morning on how to start your day and feel really good, inside and out. There are a couple of links to products we have found help promote good quality sleep too at the end.
1. Make sure you get good quality sleep – optimal time is between 10pm – 6am as this is when you body will physically (10pm-2am) and mentally (2-6am) repair. Ensure the room is dark, well ventilated and all electronic equipment is switched off at least an hour before sleep. Read Paul Chek’s Book, Eat, Move and Be Healthy to find out more.

2.  When you wake write down three things which you are going to make happen that day – one work, one training            and one wellbeing/fun – this will help you become more productive, focused and feel positive for the day.

3. Drink warm water with freshly squeezed lemon to help cleanse your system, follow with a cup of green tea to boost your energy and anti-oxidant levels. Then aim to drink at least 2litres of water throughout the day.

4. Plan your breakfast to make sure you get a balance of everything you need – complex carbohydrates, protein, essential fats, vitamins and minerals….  Try porridge with skimmed milk, blueberries, almonds, linseed, manuka honey and cinnamon – you can add protein to this too.. Or wholemeal toast, poached eggs and lean bacon. Perfect boost to the day.

5. Get your food and kit ready to make sure you eat good food throughout the day, and have quality, training sessions.  Aim to eat little and often, every 3-4 hours, low sugar foods to keep your blood sugars stable. Be clear on what you are going to do with your training session to make sure it happens.

6. Stretch your body, breathe deeply & focus your mind. Spend about 5-10mins stretching your body to boost your circulation, improve your posture and awaken your body. Try doing 10 Yoga Sun Salutations – if you are unsure of the technique have a look at

7. Go for a 10-20min walk to boost your metabolic rate and get some fresh air into your system – even if it is dark this will still help you feel refreshed and energised for the day. Whilst you are doing this you can focus on point 2 to make it happen

8. Think positive – start the day with a positive outcome and goal in mind. Remember – you get what you focus on … plan to succeed and commit to making it happen. Tell two to three people what you are trying to achieve to make sure you do it. Even better if you live with someone, tell them so they can really make sure you do it, and support you.

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Let us know how you get on, and Happy Energised Days to you all.