Biggest Loser – 24 Hours, Days & Weeks…

Wow! What amazing results on this year’s Biggest Loser Programme, a Massive WELL DONE to all the Contestants, and the Winner Kevin Mac – plus the Trainers, Richard Callender, Charlotte Ord (IFS Personal Trainer of the Year too!) & Rob Edmonds.
Just a thought based on this for you today, whatever you goals or weight is..

1. What can you change in 24hours that will make a difference?

2. What would you like to make happen in 24 days time?

3. What will you make happen and have achieved in 24 weeks time?

Write the answers down, create and plan and get going!

Anything is possible if you set your mind to it as the Biggest Loser proved.

I would like to Give a BIG ENERGISED Well Done to my Ladies Beginners Bootcamp including Linda, Debbie, Tina, Katy, Rhona & Kalpna who on average lost over 3″ on our 6 week course, achieved their goals and have become lighter and more energised! Look out for their 24 week results & join them in May to reach your’s too!

If you don’t know how to make changes, and would like some advice, support and accountability just ask us, we are happy to help :-)Kim & the Team.

ps. 2 Spaces left for Italian Fitness Camp 6-12th May – Results, Confidence, Fun and Energy Gauranteed!