#TuesdayThought ‘Embrace your wild, beautiful life….

‘Embrace your wild, beautiful life. Embrace your wild, messy self. Nothing is perfect, everything changes, now is waiting for YOU.

Choose now, not later… when you reach ‘this goal’ you will be happy, make a decision, etc… break those rules, take a leap, get messy & see what happens.

In the resistance and chaos I promise the magic lies hidden, waiting to be found. Be curious, take action, expand your possibilities, embrace your fear, be damn brave…. I know YOU can do ‘this’ Now.

In 7 weeks, 7 months or 7 years everything will have changed. Some you can plan, most you will have not clue will happen. Celebrate now if it’s awesome, and have courage if it’s tough for it will pass. I promise. Own you, own what you can control, let go of what you can’t, your hopes and you matter… take action. Believe.’

Rambles with Kim 🌠 All my messy, courageous support always, pop me a message if I can help you work it out, it’s okay to ask for help, I do 🙌#unlockyourpotential#makeithappen#mindbodysoul


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Photo: Middlefart, Denmark – wearing Sweaty Betty

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