EP’s Gail has now qualified in Myofascial Dry Cupping & Kinesiology Taping

EP Massage Therapist Gail has now qualified in Dry Cupping which is really exciting, and big well done to her. She is offering taster sessions for only £15 for 30mins (normally £30) through August, book online here.
Read on to know more……
“Over the last few months I’ve been refreshing my knowledge on soft tissue techniques and as well as adding to it with a Kinesiology Taping course with Kinesio Tape (Tiger Tape, K-Tape, RockTape, et al.) and a Myofascial Dry Cupping Course (Core Elements).
When tissues are damaged the blood flow can be restricted, resulting in knots and scar tissue that will limit smooth movement of fibres and tissue layers, this can trap old (stagnant) blood and metabolic waste.
Both kinesiology taping and cupping are very similar in that they use negative pressure (to lift up) instead of compressive techniques commonly found in massage. What this does is allow space in the tissues (interstitial) layers, this in turn allows new blood flow into the area with fresh nutrients, white blood cells, fibroblasts, etc. for repairing damaged tissues.
With cupping drawing the stagnant fluids to the surface can leave a mark – some of you will have seen a variety of athletes from the Olympics sporting circular marks on their bodies. While they may look like bruises, they are not, they are not tender to touch and with subsequent treatments the marking will become less and less. Everyone is different and each area of the body is different so the intensity and type of mark can vary. However try not to book a treatment in the same week as going out (strappy dresses) or heading to the beach (swim shorts) just in case!
Taping and cupping can be used on their own but best in conjunction with other modalities (sports massage, acupuncture, etc) to get the most out of your treatment. They are both considered alternative therapies at the moment as there is not enough clinical research as yet.
Personally I have found both to be useful. I use tape to stabilise my patella’s when playing basketball and more recently to offload pressure on a bit of golfer’s elbow. The cups have been used as part of a massage session on my neurologically whingey right leg which then means more effective deep tissue massage is possible and also, as a bit of TLC to myself, using them on my forearms after massaging clients.
If you would like to try a dry cupping session I am running an introductory offer throughout August of £15 for 30 minute treatment (normally £30). You can book online here or email me at energisedgail@gmail.com.
Please do get in touch if you’re not sure if it’s for you or you’d like more information, email me, text/call me on 07818404426 or book a free 15 minute consultation with no obligation.”