#MondayMotivation: Why does clearing clutter matters?

Clearing physical clutter in your personal space helps you focus, feel less overwhelmed and more peaceful.
Read more about the benefits HERE
Think about your Environments – Home, Work, Other places you spend lots of time in. I want you to choose 1-2 rooms, or even just an area and clear the clutter.
It could be clothes, books, emails, TV/music lists, fridge, cleaning your car, paperwork, bills, supplements, ideas which are in chaos…. it doesn’t matter what, but clear something so you feel lighter and happier.
Once you’ve done it do share, a photo, emoji, writing, anything – the accountability is key.
Now you have cleared a space in your environment externally (or planning to), the next thing which is key is clearing your environment internally – which may sound a bit weird.  But to feel happier or just ‘okay’ in yourself, you have to notice the thoughts, stories and words you are telling yourself which may not be helpful.
Enjoy! Feel Good Coach, Kim #findyourfeelgood
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