#FridayFood: Energised Discounts

Our Associates page on the Energised website is full of great discounts off of food & supplements, clothing, kit and biomarker test kits from people we really rate.




Check out our web page for the full list, in the meantime here are a taster of the yummy food & supplement ones….


20% off Optimum Nutrition
10% off Lean Greens
20% off Kate Percy‘s Real Fast Food
20% off Nutcessity
10% off Bare Biology
20% off Nuun Hydration
15% off Elete – Electrolyte Concentrate
15% off Vit Stix


Any questions about the products, when to use them within training and how they can help, pop a comment below or email kim@energisedperformance.com.


We also offer the following options for DNA, Biomarkers & Blood Testing:

Most Popular – DNA Pro Fitness & Nutrition Test, Consultation & 1 month support: £186

Kit only, £135
Kit & DNA Coach Skype Consultation, £186
DNA Coach Skype Consultation (you have your own results), £86
Full Blood Testing & Full Food Intolerance Testing is £499 each, or £599 for Consultation and Months Support

Individual specific tests for bloods such as Iron, Vit D etc can be arranged for nominal amounts


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