Tomorrow is World Mental Health Day

The aim of the day is to raise awareness of mental health issues and get people to take action to support better mental health.
So, what can you do to feel happier or just ‘okay’ in yourself? Start by noticing the thoughts, stories and words you are telling yourself which may not be helpful.
If you’re ready, write down up to 3 things which you do or say to yourself which isn’t helpful, and then opposite something which is a little more helpful, but possible to commit to each day.
If this doesn’t resonate, you could think about habits which you do without thinking, so emotional eating habits, distractions and avoidance things….. it’s a tough challenge, but be brave and dip a toe in and see what happens.
Let me know if you need help, love to support YOU
Brave strength, Kim
If you’re in Bristol 28th November, Sam Wren-Lewis, author of The Happiness Problem and Liz Zeidler of Happy City will be in conversation about an alternative view of happiness that connects with the challenges of our time.
Waterstones, Galleries at 7pm, tickets are free via eventbrite HERE
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