Chase the Sun in memory of Jenny

Chase the Sun virtual event challenging people to complete 10km your way, raising funds for charity, starting 19th June

My dear friend & cousin,
I bought you a tree,
Planted for your Birthday,

On Bristol Downs,
Near Clay Pit Road,
Where we walked.
Every week, for years.

So all your friends can visit,
Whenever they feel like,
Have a chat & watch you grow.
There’s a bench beside you,

I bought some fruit trees for @tree_aid,
I know you were going to,
I remember you sharing,
Before you left this World.

So now,
There’s a mini plantation in Africa,
Feeding a little village in time.

I hope you like it, Death & rebirth.

Always in my heart,
Our families,
All your friends.
In the fabric of life’s journey.

May grief & loss,
Be met with Courage & hope,
To all those who need.

You were deeply loved.
And you… reading this,

Are deeply loved.
More than you will realise.

Daily, help yourself the best you can.

Be brave,
Ask for professional help,
Contact a charity,
Read, journal, listen to music,

Connect with nature, people or animals.

Understand what brings you pain,
And gently commit to healing.

Give yourself time.
Yet be committed

Notice what brings you happiness,
Find a little of this daily.

Thank you for the hardest lessons in growth following loss & trauma. I can hold space for others to find a way forwards with more depth and empathy,

As for us all,
Loss is part of life,
Love is courage to live,
in all its chaos.

Thank you Jenny for your lifetime of friendship, love, laughter & wild wanders.

Wherever you find yourself reading this, Take a moment to connect with what & who you love, dance to the rhythm of your soul.

For all we truly have is now.

Do share in the comments what you’re up to, and any support for Autumn training plans do get in touch, A circle of happy sharing & support,

Run wild & free,
Find your joy,
Big love, Kim

#suicideawareness #ptsdrecovery #bekindalways

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