The Power of Being Present….

When are you fully present, like 100% focused on what you are doing, feeling and thinking.

So often we are distracted, by a multitude of thoughts, chasing ahead to what if, falling behind to why, wondering about others, fears, hopes… and not present.

To do anything, to feel ‘better’, think more helpfully, race smarter, write a chapter of a book, be fitter, absorb what we’ve eaten or read, to have all the feels, to change our habits & have those deep conversations, we have to be present, no distractions…

I was thinking about this today. For example when I was training this morning I started swimming, but my thoughts were scrambling around. Worry about meeting a person, fleeting back to how I used to swim ‘better’, darting forwards to a corporate pitch & athlete session later… not so effective. So I stopped and caught myself… paused.

I refocused and specifically took my mind into three things…

  • focusing on really engaging my core with my stroke,
  • pushing my speed in the water
  • relaxing my mind so I was all in the water.

The result, a session where I know there is improvement, good fatigue & I fully trained.

It can be challenging…. try these simple things which help me. This can be for a specific race, event or just each day are below, maybe choose one for each day this week and see how you get on.

  • breath in a positive focus deeply, and out a limiting distraction
  • writing down the distractions and prioritizing when you will action them
  • being clear on your focus for the moment and day – your three priorities – be that love, work, sport, competition… be all in
  • if you can’t remove the distraction, and are being unproductive, shift your state – so physically move, change what you’re doing, if just a moment and return with commitment
  • switch off digital fully, not just silent beside you
  • get good sleep, hydration & nourishing food
  • manage boundaries & people which drain your focus and commitment

Love to know what helps you be, feel, think and do, fully present.

If we can you get present and focused, and help you feel good this May pop us a message and let us know.

Much support, Kim & the Team

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