August Yoga Nidra & Oracle Cards is this Sunday 8th, 7.15pm BST

This Sunday is the August Yoga Nidra & Oracle Cards session with Head Coach Kim & you are all so welcome, it’s online and recorded if you can’t make it live. The theme is about letting go of fear and stepping into your power this month, but really it’s whatever you need it to be.  

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It’s great for recharging the body & mind, a place to pause & rest, something which if you think you don’t have time for, is perhaps something to give a go….  lots of athletes, adventurers and all ages come along. 

You don’t need any experience at all and there is no right or wrong way to do it, just come along 🙂 

I thought it was a bit too slow when I began the learning to be honest, yet the more I learned about the nervous system, mental & physical recovery and wellness, the more relevant it truly is, especially during these times.  So if you are curious, I really invite you to see what might happen in the magic…. Read more about my training and experiences with Yoga Nidra and how it can help you HERE

Any questions post below or DM, love to welcome you. 
Big energised support, Kim 

Book HERE or contact us at if you prefer bank payment over paypal or for funded places.