Tips to recover from a race, as a runner and spectator

My tips to to help you recover from a marathon/race, as a runner & spectator… let me know yours  

Runners 🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏽‍♂️

  • be proud of what you achieved, it will have been the best you could have done on the day
  • write down any learnings, what you would do differently in training & racing to feel strong and recover
  • have a sports massage 48hrs+ after, plenty of active recovery – walking, mobility, stretching
  • depending on your run experience give yourself a good week off running to recover physically & mentally – do different things & let your body adapt & mind relax
  • connect with friends & family, do fun things which would have filled your long runs
  • the runners high can hide fatigue, be mindful of quality good food, sleep & recharging for a good 2-4 weeks
  • plan other races if you really positively want to (see spectator tips as you don’t have too) yet remember other things in life you want to do – ebb and flow with marathon training, it’s a commitment & opportunity cost choice to other life things
  • before signing up, think about the type of places you like to run, time of year for big runs, temperatures, etc

Spectators & volunteers 🕺🏽💃🏼

  • you are awesome, we couldn’t do it without you… you make the difference, and you matter, so big high five to you
  • you maybe tired too and that’s okay, spectating is often more stressful – remember to look after yourself, good sleep, food and stretching too
  • you don’t have to run a marathon too… obviously if you feel drawn to leap on after a few days do… but equally know you are totally good enough running 5km, dancing, climbing mountains, swimming, handstands…. whatever movement makes you feel good, do this
  • reconnect with what makes you happy outside or supporting your loved ones training – go to the movies, on a mini adventure, cook, create, laugh, pause…
  • find an adventure with things for everyone, come to The Big Retreat Wales, I’ll be speaking in 2022, Run Fest Run, Top of the Gorge Festival with Relish Running Races, Channel Events & Mendips Lakes & Lumps Ride

Above all: be damn proud of yourself if you have a medal or not, the money you’ve raised, the commitment to yourself & those around you,

If we can support you with a race, challenge or adventure contact us for a chat, happy to help #UnlockYourPotential and for inspiration have a read of my Power of Running in Nepal blog.

Big support, Kim ✨