A Little #MondayMotivation: Are you stopping yourself?

We would love to know & share the best bit of your weekend, to start your Monday well πŸ™‚ For me it was supporting my athletes with the Chedworth 10, Aspire Running 10 & Devizes Half Marathon, writing some new content for an exciting online course (watch this space!) & catching up with friends, how about you?

Our thought for Monday is this…

‘You are far too smart to be the thing standing in your way…’ #mondaymotivation

Could you do something today to get out of your own way? To feel happier, stronger, healthier? To think differently and make something happen?

Just a little thought, for me it’s all about noticing when I’m limiting myself, not getting cross, just noticing and choosing to move away from the behaviour, habit or thought… learning from it and doing the best I can on the day, how about you?

Big Monday Support and if we can help you get out of your own way, achieve your goals and more, please do let us know, Coach Kim & the Team  🌟