#WednesdayWorkout – Powerful Workout Time?

Power Wednesday Workout Thought…. do you lift to weights? Wonder Woman & Superman powerful summer thoughts…
I never really did lift weights when I was three day event horse riding, but mucking out & galloping horses kind of did the trick! Now I have lifted weights for over 10 years, and specifically for stage competitions, run and adventure performance and just for fun.
Weights are so good for you, your muscles, postural strength, stability & confidence. When I’ve been working with my clients we always add appropriate functional weights, whatever their age or goal. Sometimes it’s to run faster, do a draw competition or feel body confident, other times it’s simply to be able to move more freely and perhaps lift their shopping, grand children or gardening.
There was an article in Grazia last week about being a powerful, strong woman and not fearing yourself, not fearing lifting. This applies for the men we coach too.
So this Summer we would love to invite you to try something different, mix your weights with boxing, Muay Thai, Jui Jitsu and perhaps fusing with Ballet, Dance and Barre core to help grow your confidence and inner strength, super powers! (This is for guys to try too, I’m coaching rugby players doing ballet, superman powers!)
I would love to know if you like or fear lifting and what classes you love, let’s get sharing, feeling and confidence powerful from within. My good friend Dan Roberts runs a great online programme fusing these areas together, click here for more info www.energisedperformance.com/methodology-x 
Ps you won’t bulk up, you will just develop your inner strength and tone to the amount you would like,
Any advice or support just let me know, and if you have any recommendations of good classes to test over June & July let me know, as I will be heading out to practise what I’ve advised and do things differently! Coach Kim
If we can help at all please do ask, Run & Triathlon online coaching, DNAFit & Nutrition consultations and Mindset coaching to feel good the Summer and get amazing results whilst having fun. Big support and Wednesday Workout, Your Mind Body Coach, Kim kim@energisedperformance.com
Find out more about our online coaching plans here: www.energisedperformance.com/tri-run-adventure-coaching
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