#WednesdayWorkout – Who Inspires You?


Who inspires you to become better in life? Have a watch: https://youtu.be/1NIHXAHVbNU


One thing which can really help is to find models of excellence, people who inspire you to become better, believe in more & commit to uncomfortable growth 🌟 it can be for anything… sport, life, work, adventures, self belief, confidence, music.


Jenni Falconer for strength, showing what’s possible with crazy working hours and a busy family, growing her strength physically and always happy and super cool. Michelle Dillon for resilience and hope, for showing whatever happens, whatever your age, anything is possible if you surround yourself with the right people, believe, commit and have courage. Mish has had numerous complex injuries but competed as an Olympian and for Team GB many times whilst inspiring many athletes including the uber talented Emma Pallant. And my third Tattoo Athlete Charlotte Green, for Speed & Courage, she’s taken a risk and gone to the USA for high altitude training to enhance her performance and speed, he focus and courage to start to believe in herself again is great. All these ladies I think are within 5 years of me…. this is important as they are role models of possibility. Sometimes when they are much younger than you, you may find a chink of resistance to their inspiration, so check your inspirations ‘work’ for you rather than limit. Just what I’ve discussed when coaching people. #gaintheedge


Love to know who inspires you, tag 3 people (for a specific goal if you want or just generally) and let’s get sharing great people and supporting each other.


Wishing you all a Wonderful Wednesday and to share your inspirations and why below 🌟


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