Increased Knowledge & Passion at the best Fitpro yet..

WP_001062What a wonderful day at the Fitpro Convention, firstly I cannot believe it was my 12th year (I think!), and this was definitely one of the best I have been to.  Packed full of great presenters, talks, workshops, advice and kit, attending conventions I believe is key to enhance your knowledge, stay up to state with the latest fitness & well being trends, and return to your business filled with inspiration & topped up passion to really make a difference.

This year I was attending as a VIP with the Fitness Writers Association, expertly organised by Action PR, thank you!  It’s hard to choose what seminars to attend, and to catch up with everyone.  You realise you have been ‘around’ for a while when it takes 45mins to get to registration… but that’s what I love about it all.

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There are so many people who continually inspire, from the beginning of my time in the fitness industry in 2001, Chuck Woolf, PTA Global, CHEK, Rachel Holmes, Dean Hodgkin, Jayne Nichols and co!  I have also met numerous wonderful people over the last couple of years Katie Bulmer Cooke who is wonderful, IFS & Fitpro Personal Trainer of the Year (massive well done lady!!), Jill Gardner, Bloomsbury Sport, Shock Absorber, PTA Global, Kevin McLernon, Camilla Ayrton & Richard Callender.

So the highlights from my day were started with the keynote from Steve Backley, with his quote, ‘success is a decision, not a gift’, followed with many nuggets of golden information.  These thoughts including, keep your momentum moving forwards not backwards, be clear on your vision, take personal responsibility for delivering excellence, take opportunities and commit with passion.  He finished by asking, ‘what does success really mean to you?‘  I wonder what your answer would be.  I have ordered Steve’s book, The Champion’s Mind so I’ll let you know about any other nuggets.

After this, I thought it wise to update my sports therapy knowledge with Dan Hellman, from the CHEK Institute. I trained with them at the beginning of my career and I have to say some of their information has been pivatol in helping my clients achieve their goals.  Paul Chek’s book, Eat, Move and Be Healthy is brilliant if you have the time to read and put into action.  Dan gave an exceptional talk around the knee’s and overall well being of your joints and muscles. I can only reiterate the importance that Dan highlighted around nutrition, optimal stress, quality sleep, deep breathing, functional exercises, hydration and positive thoughts, which all link to the health of your joints, really they do (its probably a blog in itself!).  A few thoughts from his talk, do you know that the cervical area of the spine, links directly to the lumbar section which can directly affect your knees (year’s after), that a poor diet will directly affect the quality of the ligament health, that joint pain will relate to an organ and gland too which can cause secondary problems and the importance of water is key.  This really is a quick summary, but have a think… how are your joints feeling and if you scanned the whole of your body, how is it feeling, joints, organs, nerves, thoughts?

WP_001061From the body I went to business with Rob Lander and the future of the fitness industry, all I can say about this is watch this space!! It’samazing how quickly technology is moving forwards, especially over the last 13 years. So is there anything that you would like as our Energised clients for on line products please do let us know, we love to hear your suggestions…

Next up was the Tabata Official Launch, with the promotional video filmed by Universal Studio’s, it really is an amazing concept.  As most of you know, I am an endurance athlete, and a large slow twitch muscle!!  So the thought of 4 minutes of exercise could replace and have better results than an hour of cycling, did leave me intrigued to find out more. I know Caroline Pearce and Richard Scrivener well and they are leading the way with Tabata and the science and evidence is there.  The workout, energy, structure and focus is brilliant, and I am sure Tabata will lead the way across the globe, and I’m really excited about getting involved, good times. Look out Team Energised for the Official Programme, and maybe it will make me less of a slow twitch!!  I ended the session by trying their 20sec Watt Test Challenge and led the women’s leader board at the end of the day, exciting for a slow twitch…

I now realise this summary is a long one! So I hope you are still with me for the final session, which was with the wonderful, amazingly youthful and inspired Ramona Braganza pioneering her 321 programme & sharing her journey. Summarizing the day wonderfully with Commit, Don’t Quit, listen to your intuition and go for it…

Other wonderful session’s that were going on were Richard Callander and Armageddon, Kevin McLernon, Hayley Hollander, Rachel Holmes, Lucy Johnson & Jay Blahnik. I hope this round up inspires you, with Rob’s talk perhaps this should be in a video too, stay with me… this is to come.

I now head to Clarity with Jamie Smart, pretty sure that’s blog waiting too.  So thank you for reading this, and may something in here help inspire you to follow your passion and commit to achieving your goals, if we can help you, do just contact us.

Happy, Energised Times.