Energised Sports Therapist Gail off to enhance her knowledge for you…

It’s been a while since I last wrote a blog – my moderation and focus plan for this year has been seriously tested already.

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So other than a bit of playing in the snow, the last couple of months has been pretty full with basketball. With local and national league teams in the area I’ve been tabling games most weeks, though I did actually get to watch a game which is always good J

My last national league game of the season was on Saturday and it was a really intense game as both teams had everything to play for to get to the Final Four play-offs.

If anyone is interested in catching a game, Bristol Academy Flyers play the quarter finals at home (WISE campus, Filton) this Saturday evening.  I also went to Bath for the British Colleges Finals to help with referee and table official development – hard to believe a couple of years ago I was the beginner.

In February I was offering massages for donations at the Sweat for Sue charity event for the Sue Ryder Hospice. It was a great day with a real mix of fellow therapist and fitness professionals, giving people a chance to try out different treatments/classes while helping a good cause.

March was the month for trying out new things – I went to my first football game at Ashton Gate (sorry Rovers fans). I’ve always preferred watching sporting events live as the atmosphere can’t be replicated through the TV. It was interesting to watch and I’ll definitely go to see another game.

Another first was going along to the International Fitness Show (IFS) with Kim up in Blackpool. I have to admit I was a little worried that it would be full of super fit people and I’d stick out. But there was a real mix, some like me going along for workshops and seminars, and others purely to try new and interesting classes. I’d definitely recommend coming along with Team EP next year.

This weekend I’m off to Manchester for the first part of a new course to improve my therapy skills so that clients get the best treatment possible. I’m really looking forward to it!

As I won’t be here for my usual Saturday spot at EP HQ, I’m available on Monday 15th from 2pm – 7pm, back to normal on the 20th.

You can book by emailing us, or testing me directly 07818 404426, Gail 🙂