#WednesdayWorkout: LEGS…. Are you Ready?!!


Photo: Sacre Images, Clothing Sweaty Betty

#‎WednesdayWorkout‬ LEGS…. Are you Ready?!!

Here’s a cheeky (tough!) Leg workout if you are feeling up for it!!

Make sure you are warmed up and if you are unsure about the technique just let me know…

5km Warm up on the Bike….

If you are knew to training legs hard just done one ’round’ once a week for a month…. then two rounds the second month, three the following. Allow 3 days rest before training legs again.

Round A – 2-4 sets depending on fitness

Box Jumps, 60secs as many as you can

Deadlift 8-12 reps

Walking Lunges – 20 total with dumbells

Round B

Squat Thrusts – 60secs as many as you can

Kettlebell Swing – 8-15 depending on goal

Step Ups with Dumbells – 10 each leg

Round C

Single Leg TRX Squat – 10 each side

Gluteal Bridge with Med Ball – 20 reps

Swiss Ball Pull or Squat – 20 reps

Foam Roll, Stretch, Refuel and Recover

A ‪#‎IFS15‬ Personal Trainer of the Year Winning session!!

Record and repeat each week for a month,

Happiness, Strength and Super Powers,

Any questions tweet me @kimingleby @energisedcoach