#ThursdayTherapy: keeping form with approaching marathons

EP Sports Therapist Becky gives advice on how to keep your form as your marathon, 10km or 5km run approaches.

“As marathon season fast approaches training no doubt increases to ensure you have the best possible race!

As training increases inevitably some niggles begin to appear. Sports massage is a great way to ensure these niggles are kept at bay by releasing tightness within the muscles and preventing any heavy legs whilst training! A few other methods to ensure you perform to your best if you do have any races approaching are:

– Stretching and foam rolling
make sure you stick to a routine of stretching and/or foam rolling every time you train. This will help to ensure your muscles stay lose and flexible

– Making sure your glutes are working:
Have a read of my last blog for more info, if your glutes aren’t activating you run the the risk of poor lower limb biomechanics and the correct movement being compromised.

If you have any niggles that you feel could benefit not only from massage but from rehabilitation or manual therapy then email energisedbecky@gmail.com or call 07788110711 for a chat about what could work best for you!

Alongside this myself and my EP team member Gail (energisedgail@gmail.com) will be offering 20% off all treatments on the 8th April.”