#MondayMotivation: Camilla Dallerup, turn anger to happiness….

This Monday we have a little video from Strictly Come Dancing and Energised Client Camilla Dallerup about perception and projection, have a watch and think about past situations where your perception and projection have may be caused or made worse a negative situation…..How can you change that to help motivate you towards your goals this spring?

Camilla’s first book Strictly Inspirational is out now, read how her experiences have ‘helped her to make her dreams a reality. Camilla hopes her words of inspiration can be used by anyone to help them achieve their dreams.’ (Amazon)

Head Coach Kim has worked with Camilla for a number of years….

” With my work I am depending on my body and mind to always deliver it’s best which means exercise, healthy diet and maintenance. Thank you Kim! You have helped me make it possible to give it 100% every time and feel fantastic.”
Camilla Dallerup Strictly Come Dancing Winner 2008