Kimpossible… The Ninja Halted, Momentarily.

kim GB.jpg 2Mental Strength, it’s a good thing.

I did a couple of really good session’s over the last couple of days with clients, setting them up to have their best race possible, especially at the European Triathlon Championships in Turkey this weekend.

Amazing, in April I gained a reserve place and was super excited to be racing as part of the GB Age Group Team, today my GB suit arrived with it’s additions of Sweaty Betty, Torq and Gain the Edge to the suit. And my bike, packed and ready to go, fine tuned by the Triathlon Shop…

The key to Mental Strength, I always tell my clients is the ability to gain from the most limiting situation.  That is true Mental Strength. I read about Jess Ennis today and her blog about pulling out due to injury….

Last year after I did the Ironman and a taper race, Strathclyde where I qualified for the European’s I had 6 months out pretty much for cervical treatments (by the way, its Cervical Screening Awareness Week this week ladies so get yourselves checked please!).  In March, I started training again, and it was amazing to be back into the groove! Whizzing about, I love it…  I did three races, a local sprint (8th), a Olympic distance in Welwyn Garden City (3rd) and the ‘big’ serious Olympic race in Chester last weekend. My best races I think I have ever done, matching my 2009 PB’s.

KI GB 3Then, as everything was flowing along nicely, last Tuesday I suddenly felt decidedly odd.  And my brain was doing funny things. Now those of you that know me, know that this could be considered normal, and a resting heart rate around 150, again could be normal as I like to bounce about.  However, as much as I would like to choose to ignore these facts, I knew I needed to get checked out.

Following a trip to the Doc’s (somewhere I don’t visit often), they did a few tests and confirmed they thought it was Leptospirosis, breeding away in my little nervous system.  A double dose of antibiotics and hopefully all would pass accordingly.  A week on, and another trip to the Doc’s (really, no!!), and sadly they have not agreed to sign that I am fit to fly as my heart rate is not quite where it needs to be, and the focus etc is still out a bit (mild encephalitis), combined with the need to sleep for long periods (again, those that know me, this is not normal). So another dose of antibiotics, and within a week i should be fine… just after race day, booo!! Ironically, it’s probably the antibiotics which will quietly subdue me.  However, the grim reality of the worst case, was not something the Doc recommended for Turkey, although I think the best case would have been perfect for Turkey.

So, whilst sense rarely prevails in my ‘normal’ mind, I know as the Ninja, Weil’s has affected my mind as I am taking the sensible approach and following the Doc’s advice.  This means my lovely little GB suit will have to wait for an unknown outing and I will have to be patient this week.

Practise what you teach…. so first up, it’s normal to feel anger and sadness, yes whatever your mental state!  So I was angry and then I was sad, then normal emotions are fear, hurt and guilt. So I let these entertain momentarily in a normal ‘human’ conscious thought process, of what people may think, will I get back to my normal thoughts & fitness back, apologies for my perception of letting people down, and the expectation I should just get on with it..

And then, once these moments had passed (if you suppress them they will just keep annoying you), I have done what I get other’s to do, kick myself  (at the end of the day it is just a race and I will be fine)…. three things that you can take forwards positively, two things you can learn and one thing overall that is positive.

Three things I can take forwards positively

1. I had brilliant races to start the season, and Deva was great fun with Team Pocock & Energised Friends, I look forward to the next event with anticipation and love that racing feeling (and proud to be mentored by the wonderful Michelle Dillon) – I can fine tune the racing season later in the year and do some quality strength training.

2. I can use the time recommended to rest and re charge wisely by doing the ‘sitting’ things that I can do, refining my business (complete this form that my lovely clients seem to have nominated me for – thank you – , updating the website, personal plans & adventures to make the next 6 month even better (this can of course be put into a grand vision board). And I can read some of the stack of books waiting for my attention!

3.  I can catch up on the phone with friends and family, plan my new hobby (it’s different) and perhaps go and see the lovely Natalie Lowe & Ian Waite (Strictly Confidential) when they are in Bristol, which I was going to be away for, I shall see how the energy goes.

Two Learnings..

1. However prepared you are, some things are just out of your control and there is nothing you can do about it. You just have to ride the rough with the smooth, and out of chaos comes a dancing star. So out of all this chaos, I will be the biggest, happiest dancing star

2. That even if you are recommended to drink 2 bottles of coke at the end of the race, for the first time all my triathlon year’s it didn’t work and that my health is the basis of my life, fun and work so quite key to look after 🙂 If I look after me for another week I will hopefully be back quickly and stronger than before.  And this is key as I really want the Doc to sign a medical form saying I’m fit and healthy for  something in late September….!

One Overall Thing…

1. You always keep learning, you always keep growing. There is always another race and everything happen’s for a reason, even if you don’t know what the reason is in the moment. So be strong, be calm and stay aware, new opportunities will appear, often when you least expect it.

So whilst I am gutted, I know it’ s the right decision. You know that little voice in your head, your intuition, that really tells you what’s right and wrong, has told me this is right.  It would have been easier to decide if you could see your brain or heart injured… or maybe not…. I could probably have jumped on the plane, but it’s against the Doc’s orders, with no insurance and potential gritty picture.

So, I have chosen to halt the Ninja, momentarily of course, you understand for….. Kimpossible will be back. Very shortly after practising what she teaches.

Remember you learn more from your challenge experiences, and when your ‘breakdown’ you often breakthrough to a wiser level of excellence, whatever the cause…

So in the meantime,

The Possibles are out and about racing & leading the way…. A Massive Good Luck  to everyone in Turkey, especially Helen Russell, Doug Wood, Felicity Cole & John Wood, plus all the people I usually massage, you all rock! Have your best race possible on the day and enjoy every moment….

Sometime soon that Ingleby Ninja GB suit will be worn 🙂 Happy days xx