Energised Gail jumps off the Humber Bridge for Charity

Energised Massage Coach Gail is upping her game with her training, working at National events and has just jumped off the Humber Bridge for the charity Dove House Hospice today… read more (& sponsor her if you would like) below. Good work Gail, we are impressed, Kim and the Team…

“As a member of the Federation of Holistic Therapist (FHT), the range of therapies covered is quite extensive including Swedish & Sports massage, Beauty Therapy and Reiki/Shiatsu just to give a few examples.

Now whatever your thoughts of these therapies, whether you feel it does something or just feels nice, it does have benefit from a psychological point of view which shouldn’t be discounted.

I recently went up to the FHT’s Training Congress in Birmingham, hosted by Holistic Health UK and Beauty UK. The mix of people were great and the seminars that the FHT put on were well attended. I went to a Neck Assessment seminar by Jane Johnson which complimented a lot of what I’ve learnt recently on my level 4 course. I also went along to a business & marketing lecture, this was fascinating as that side of the business is often an afterthought for many therapists, myself included.

It’s always great to learn new things, new perspectives and to try new things.

Next Sunday (23rd) I’ll be treating competitors at the International Combat Organisation (ICO) British Championships in Birmingham, really looking forward to it.

Massive Well Done to Coach Gail zip wiring off the Humber Bridge this morning… as you do, raising money for charity!

She says, “I’ve paid the costs myself as I seem to be making a habit of jumping off bridges.
If anyone wants to support the charity or my case study peeps want to donate something for my time, then feel free”


ps. Remember you can book Gail for Sports Massage Saturday’s 9am – 1pm at EP Clinic, 12 Harbury Road, BS9 4PL just email info@energisedperformance.com to book your slot today