Testing Kit…. SOLE, ThoniMara & discounts

I really enjoy writing features and top tips for many leading UK magazines, and often I am asked to test kit. Recently I have just tested a couple of new products on the market and thought I would share my thoughts on the them so you can get out there buy it! A big THank you to both SOLE and Thoni Mara for supplying such great products…

First up – SOLE Flip Flops…

What they say…..”Designed and built on an orthopaedic footbed which optimises the structural support whilst personalising to your foot. Without proper support the arch area can collapse and symptoms can develop due to increased strain placed on the soft tissue.  The oprthopaedic shape of the SOLE products provides a cushioned support for the entire foot  and has been proven to reduce problems such as plantar fascitis, joint pain and shine splints”

How I found them…. I tested the Casual flip flops which are made from a sustainable cork case and come in attractive colours. I found them to be surprisingly comfortable and would recommend them to my clients who use orthotics in their trainers and shoes, and often have trouble if they wish to use flip flops. I would be giving my clients exercises in combination with the flip flips to improve their proprioception, balance and foot stability. Added to this I would give them functional exercises to improve hip and pelvis stability and mobility so that the whole chain is working effectively and functionally.

Would I use them…. Yes – I would use the Sport Flips and I would recommend to people who require support.

How would I rate them … 5/5 if it is what you are looking for as brilliant technology and testimonials to support the claims.

If you prefer and have trained towards barefoot running you may find Vibram Five Fingers interesting to compare.

To buy your pair and find out more visit:   www.yoursole.co.uk

Next Up…. Thoni Mara Sleeveless Shirt

What they say… ” Thoni Mara delivers uncomprimising performance, great breathability and climate regulation together with odour reducing characteristics meaning that the clothes stay fresh. Due to the seamless finish and the ergonmic cut the clothing adapts perfectly to fit each individual, and can help performance.”

How I found it…. ” Thoni Mara are a small company developing a great range of products – always thinking about the runner’s needs at all times. The running fitted well and was very comfortable to run in, breathable and soft – everything that the company claimed. The material is quite different to your usual tops so at first I was interested to see how it felt whilst running… I would say it matches top brands but has a different feel and look to it.  Detail and brandind is innovative.

Would I use them…. ” Yes! I would choose a smaller size ( I am usually an 8 but sent a 10 as they claim to come up quite small, however I think an 8 would be best for me) I would like to test the top with in built bra as this is more challenging to get right but if they have with the material it will be a best seller…. I would also like to compare the running jacket with something like the OM jacket which appears to have similar claims.

How would I rate them… 4/5 for what I have tested, 5/5 if the claims and fit adds other with the rest of the range

To find out more and order your kit today visit: http://www.thonimara.co.uk/

And a special treat…. For a 10% Discount on any K – Tape (100% recommend) for anyone running the Virgin London Marathon visit: http://www.sporttape.co.uk/ And use the Code: VLM10

Next Month Testing…

SPEEDO Women’s Tri Elite – with thanks to Jeanette at www.speedo.com

Verses…..  the Foor Synflex www.foor.co.uk

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