Head Coach Kim doing a Double Charity Challenge -London Marathon & Caledonian Etape, find out more….

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As Head Coach and Director of Energised Performance I think its good to set myself some challenges every now and then to see what is possible, stretch my boundaries, motivate others and raise money for some brilliant charities. SO….

THANK YOU for reading about  my Double Charity Challenge – the London Marathon 2011, and the Caledonian Etape (Pitlochry, Scotland!) 2011…. -find out why I am doing what I am doing, and why I have chosen the charities below….

I used to ride horses three day eventing, I then bought a bike and do triathlon so this is going to be a challenge! I usually run 10km and bike up to 40km….. so 26miles running, and 82 miles cycling will be amazing 🙂

I was not planning to do both… I gained a ballot place at London last year but developed a cyst in my knee so had 9 months out of running,   I have also gained a place at the European Sprint Triathlon Championships in Spain this June and decided I wanted to improve my bike. I thought I would do a bike race and entered the Caledonian Etape, suggested by two lovely clients Scott and Simon, I didnt read the itinery I just entered – I am blonde! It is a serious bike race….. SO

This January I sat down and planned my training for the next few months…. gradaully increasing running but not really thinking I would do London. I train for fun – I love being outdoors, bouncing about! 6 weeks ago I ran 19 miles and realised London was ON!

So now I find myself doing a Double Charity Challenge – the London Marathon and Caledonian Etape –  I am really, really looking forward to it – if a little apprehensive!! 🙂

Personally I am looking forward to it because it links to the philosophy of Energised Performance (and my life story – there is a book in it!!)…  offering Complete Body Management to help people unlock their potential and feel good about themselves, inside and out.

By doing the Double Challenge and competing at the Eurpoean Championships (25th June) I hope to raise money for good charities, help people feel inspired to follow their dreams and have the courage go for those ideas that pop into your head. Fundamentally to remember to have fun in life and like the person you are!

So follow the Blogs and donate as much or as little as you wish but take a moment to read why I have chosen these great charities.

Thank you so much, Kim xx

PS. One person who has donated will win a £50 EP Voucher – picked at random on 1st July 2011 – check back to find out if its YOU!

The Charities….

I have chosen 5 as I have many wonderful clients, friends and family who are kind enough to donate, and wanted to give you a choice if there was one that you particularly wanted to support & if not, the donation is split to these really worthwhile causes….

MacMillan Cancer: A lovely, kind, intelligent man called Darren who sadly passed away used to to work at Swweatshop Bristol – he told me I should run London instead of playing with these 5 and 10km’s in triathlons (!)…. so in his honour I will do my best to reach the time he suggested as I know he will be watching… ! Darren, other clients and friends have benefited so much from using MacMillan Cancer through some really difficult times. I train many clients who have, or are suffering from cancer – What MacMillan offer is a truly brilliant service and supporting them is essential.

British Heart Foundation:

Many of my family and clients have suffered from Heart conditions over the years, with my lovely Uncle Tom passing away suddenly. I have given CPR to a gym member who, after having a quadrouple heart bypass is back training in the gym. What the body can do, and how the body manages always amazes me.  I often help in the final stages of cardiac rehab and return to fitness in my job – giving people confidence to lead a full life again. The pioneering work that is now done with Heart surgery is astounding, and the support BHF is why I have chosen this charity.

Myasthenia Gravis Association

My wonderful client Rhona suffers from from this neurological disease which affects the brain to muscle junction, which prevents muscles working (including the brain) and affects the ability to speak amongst other things. During training Rhona has been an inspiration to myself, her determination, focus and commitment to managing her condition. Rhona has regularly attended Bootcamp – inspiring others to realise their potential, whilst achieving hers..  … It was Rhona’s aim to complete a charity 5km this summer with all the Energised Performance clients but suddenly she has found herself currently in hospital whilst they remove some swelling on her brain.  If there is anyone I am running and cycling for right now its Rhona – when she can, I know she will want to know how it went and I will be running for Rhona all the way. The research and understanding for MG is limited, so all donations are essential to progress towards a greater understanding and cure of this potentially fatal condition.

Access Sport

I set up and have developed my company, Energised Performance to help people feel good about themselves, inside and out – and realise their full potential. I fully believe that doing sport helps people to do just that – whatever it is. I have seen the benefits myself and with so many clients – mentally & physically. Celina is a beautiful girl (10yrs old) I work with every week – she is inspiring – her courage, determination and can do attitude, combined with that of her parents is moving and motivating every week. She suffers from cerebral palsy and has had many operations to enable her to walk … just one hour with her and her parents, makes you realise if you focus on the positive, and if you have the courage to work hard, anything is possible. Along with Rhona, I will run for Celina as she will have to learn to walk again this summer following her next operation and is always smiling… she is going to be a super star!

Access Sport allows the most disadvantaged children in the most vulnerable areas an opportunity to be involved in sport and channel their energy into something positive, allowing them to grow in self esteem, confidence and belief in themselves. It is a great charity, doing some really good work and fits perfectly with the Energised Philosophy so had to be one of the charities.

Friends of the Spafford Children’s Centre – Jerusalem

Over 100 years ago my Mum’s family, Bertha Spaffrod Vesta set up an Children’s centre to help sick and disadvantaged children in the city of Jerusalem and the West Bank.  Many children are often caught up in violence and discrimination with the unrest and conflict, suffering trauma and mental stress. The work the Children’s centre does is an invaluable support offering a safe and nuturing environment to these children, building hope for a more peaceful future. I have been out to Jerusalem and it is a humbling and inspiring experience of human compassion – the nuturing environment led by beautiful people allows the children trust, become physically and mentally well, and smile again. It is a small charity that offers a unique service to the children in Jerusalem.
Thank you, thank you for donating and supporting my running and cycling about :-)To support these great charities visit: http://www.virginmoneygiving.com/energisedperformance

The next Energised Performance Charity Big Bootcamps will be in June for Help for Heroes/Marine Charities and October for Breakthrough Breast Cancer. THere will be a big Spinathon for Children in Need in November. Visit the courses and events page to find out more!

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