EP Coach Gail’s Spring update…

A little Blog from the lovely EP Coach Gail White, Massage Therapist on Sunday’s – book your appointment today!

Spring is definitely a busy season, I’m not entirely sure where all the time has gone.

First I’d like to thank EP Head Coach Kim for supporting me with a charity massage day in March for the Bristol Hospitals Charity/Nightrider challenge. That day took my total raised so far to £178 so all looking very healthy with a Craft Fair in Weston-Super-Mare and the small matter of shaving my hair off in June still to come. Yes I’m slightly mad and if you would like to sponsor me for this I shan’t say no 🙂 www.justgiving.com/Gail-White

I’ve recently been on a couple of workshops to expand my knowledge and experience in the massage realm, a day in the dissection lab and the slightly less gory how to incorporate stretching into a treatment. Both these workshops were run by Jane Johnson in London who, much like Kim, is lovely and very encouraging. I definitely learnt a lot and hope my clients feel the benefit.

The major bit of excitement in my life at the moment is basketball. As the 20010/11 season comes to an end, the local league team I play for are potentially in line for a treble win of Webba League, Cup and Trophy. The Trophy semi-finals are this Sunday, not nerve-wracking at all. The finals for all the competitions (Men’s and Women’s) are the weekend of the 7th and 8th May at Filton College’s WISE Campus near Fox Den Road Sainsburys – do drop by to catch some great games.

The Finals weekend will be extra busy too as that is the same date as the Latin Dinner Dance which is shaping up nicely. There are some tickets (£27 each) still available for what is going to be a cracking night – see the Events Calender if you’re interested or comment below and we will get in touch.