An interesting discussion… are personal trainers worth it?

Last week Laura Roberts wrote an interesting article in the Telegraph discussing if personal trainers are worth it, fearturing celebrity Personal trainer Matt Roberts(our Head Coach Kim started her career with Matt Roberts PT!)  who also happens to train David Cameron. To read the feature visit:

This topic will always provide an interesting debate, as some people will feel it is unneccessary, and others will really benefit from personal training. When I began my career within the fitness industry my father could not understand who would wish to pay someone to get them fit, when all you need to do is get outside and walk or run, eat good food, work hard and play hard – everything in moderation.

Now on one hand, I totally agree with my Dad! This is true – however in the modern world and through the media we have a lot of conflicting advice, life is exceptionally busy for many people and having someone who becomes a support to you, to help maintain your physical well being can be invaluable.

One of our clients has kindly given a quote about what Personal Training and Coaching with our Head Coach has done for them,

As some of the comments indicate below the article… its all about finding the right fit for your requirements… what do you want a personal trainer and what do you want to gain from having one?

Ask yourself…

* Do you want to learn new things.. and if so what areas – there are so many different areas including Kettlebells, TRX, Flexi Bar plus the Swiss Ball, Power Bag, ViPR and much more! If yhou do – find a trainer who has these skills.

* Do you have medical conditions such as Diabetes, Chronic Back Problems or a Heart Condition which requires additional training skills in your personal trainer? This is recognised as a GP Referral Level 3 qualification – and Level 4 for specialism areas.

* Do you have specific goal you would like to achieve, weight loss, running your first race, pre and post natal, wedding fitness, charity challenges… find a trainer who specilises in this area to get the best advice. You may wish to find a sports specific coach if you are training for a specific event like a triathlon.

* Do you want to train in a group, indoors, on line programmes, outdoors or at your own home? What fits best for your lifestyle? What is your budget and how long to you think you would like to work with a trainer? At Energised we train outdoors, from our clinic and at your request, in your own home- we travel to many events offering sports massage and mental strength coaching as well as on line coaching.

* Do you want advice on other areas such as healthy eating, wellbeing, sleep, goal setting, mental strength, confidence, body image etc….? Does your trainer offer complimentary, qualified coaching in these areas or have associates that they can refer to? At Energised we have a wide range of advanced training in many areas plus work closely, and refer regularly to Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Dieticians, Yoga and Pilates instructors and many other services.

I believe whatever your goal, a personal trainer should be able to offer something that adds value to your life, makes you feel better in yourself – inside and out and ultimately allows you to realise your potential, achieve some goals that really matter to you, enhances your wellbeing, confidence and energy.

At Energised Performance we value the importance of staying up to date with our knowledge – attending conferences (FITPRO, Sports Massage Association, NLP), updating knowledge on CPD training workshops and progressing knowledge on advanced training courses. Annually we commit to at least 50 hours of developmental training, combined with reading, shadowing experts and listening to podcasts.

To find a trainer that fits your requirements ask your friends for referrals and recommendations, check out the and read industry magazines, and local magazines to find the best person for you.

For more advice or for any questions please comment below, or contact us for a FREE 15min consultation.

A thought from a valued client of ours….

“As Head of Production for the BBC , I am always looking  for role-models for my teams who will inspire, motivate and drive them to self-improvement and wellbeing. Therefore, when I met Kim and got to know her vast range of skills and her hugely entrepreniurial business, I was keen that she run sessions for our production management teams. She has run a number of successful courses for us. Her style is approachable, fresh and she has demonstrated that her appeal extends to all levels of staff from the most senior to the most junior.

On a personal level, her values, ethics and character have inspred me to perform better both at work and outside work. She has motivated and trained me to completing a half-marathon successfully and many other physical and mental challenges which I had always thougth were out of my reach. She has inspired me to become a fitter, better, happier person and leader. 2005 – current client.”

Happy Energised Days!