Reflections on Riding and Relationships…..

Reflections from my riding days, how are your relationships?
I had a brilliant day at Badminton Horse Trials cross country last weekend. So reminds me of many happy years three day eventing. I always had a dream to compete at Badminton but it’s never quite happened (never say never 🙂 ).
Three day eventing was my passion, and it was one of the foundations of my business, Energised Performance.
I used to see many riders not quite fit enough, balanced in their muscle strength and lacking in confidence or having self doubt (me) …. and thought, it’s crazy, the horses are in optimal condition yet the rider is not and it’s a partnership, a relationship…. yet many riders felt they don’t have the time or the money to put into themselves…
This led me to doing my P.E project about rider fitness and mindset, writing to Blyth Tait & William Fox-Pitt for their thoughts as they were doing this. They agreed how important it was, and so after completing my degree in International Business I went onto train as a personal trainer, sports therapist and NLP practioner, blending this together to offer complete Mindset, Strength & Fitness Coaching to #gaintheedge in sport.
What I’ve learned for my athletes and everyone I work with …. fast forwarding 20yrs is that the relationships and partnerships you have in your sport, work and life is key. They are the foundations of support, strength and belief when you doubt yourself, and the accountability to #godo and make that crazy goal or dream a reality. I’ve learned if you want to #makeachange you have to start, you have to commit in your mind & let go of that additional limit that prevents you continuing to challenge yourself when the going gets tough…. as that’s what makes the difference.
So have a think today about your fitness, strength and mindset, could you tweak something, get some support and do something differently to #gaintheedge…. and in your life, do you have relationships and partnerships that are strong, supportive and allow your potential to grow…?
Bit of Wednesday ramble but I hope it makes you think!
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This photo is one of my happiest memories, Mr C, Casper Man, ‘Party Life’ at Blair Castle
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