A Little #MondayMotivation: How to Overcome Resistance and Get Going – Your Plan B?


‘You must go on.

I can’t go on,

I’ll go on.’

Samuel Beckett


It’s from our Head Coach Kim’s most amazing adventure in L.A, with so much to let integrate and then implement, having met some wonderful people. ‘Part 2’ blog will follow, and it kind of felt authentic to post the pre blog chaos to help you learn and grow.


She writes…. ” I don’t feel so connected to what I wrote (which is great) but I was in the moment, and therefore, I hope it helps you as you read it to believe, embrace your fears and leap…. enjoy 🙂

‘I’m sitting at Bristol Airport, wondering what the hell I’m doing.

Filled with fear, just totally scared but knowing deep within myself, taking this step is key. Key to trusting myself again, key to starting to live fully, to growing my business and key to nurturing my relationship. Yet that doesn’t change the fact, I was racked with indecision, self-doubt (can I do it, why am I doing it), guilt (what if something happens, what if my brain gets worse, what if….) and paralyzed by fear.

And then I pick up Option B, by Sheryl Sandberg & Adam Grant and this line captures me,

‘Resilience is our speed and strength to respond to adversity, and we can grow this.’

So I’m a bit nervous posting this blog, but I think it’s good and flows… so hope you love it and it helps you…’’


To read all of it, just click on the link below 🙂

Kim Ingleby Remove Self Doubt Full Blog


Love to know and do share, post and comment if you do, happy week’s ahead Team, Big support, Kim xx


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