Kimpossible,Halted Ninja, Part 2… The Story Unfolds

WP_001250So on 10th June I wrote an open and honest blog about being halted on my way to the European Triathlon Champs, with my GB suit tantalizingly arriving the day I had to withdraw!  You can read part 1 if you missed it here:

Now I fully believe in Mental Strength, I love it and all I have learned with all my training.  And when I wrote the Blog 2 weeks ago, I fully intended that this Blog would be to summarise my learnings, and update you on my training. However, this was not to be the case.  Weil’s Disease is an evil little thing! It messes with your mind, your heart, your breathing (well it did in my case), which combined with all the drugs, then messes with my hay fever, making a wonderful mix of chaos for someone who is usually bouncing around like tigger (not so!).

I promised an open update my progress (now it will be three parts if you want!) and here it is…. on a wonderful sunny evening.

I am about to finish nearly a month’s worth of three drugs . I’m not sure if the drugs have made me feel like I do, or the Weil’s is still lurking as I never even take a Nurofen, who knows!

The first week after writing my blog, I  realise the Doc was right with advising no travel.  I literally spent a week just chilling at home, however my good intentions of catching up with friends etc (and creating business plans) definitely did not happen as my brain and cognitive thoughts were really not linking up. I did go on a daily walk and the cows nearby became my friends, following me!  Aside from this, patience and rest was required.  It’s fascinating that your body can go from doing a triathlon and feeling the best you have ever felt, to feeling in the most bizarre state (not ill just very weird, some may say normal for me!) in the space of two days. I have to admit at moments pretty scary too.

WP_001252However, another week on I take great comfort that I am doing my Energised work gently, with the support of my great clients & coaches (and family and friends, thank you xx).  I was hoping to race this weekend and in two weeks at the Nationals in Liverpool, but today I took the sensible (what!!) decision to withdraw from these races.  It’s a bit weird really as my strong plans for the year have had to change, but I know this is the right decision, and from this something good will come. I will come back stronger, I will just have to be patient and listen to my body/mind in this unknown state.

A client said when you come back stronger, god help us all! That made me smile for sure 🙂

Continuing to practise what I teach, my learnings from the last two weeks:

1. Even the best laid plans require flexibility and strength of mind, it is through this true mental strength occurs

2.  Everything happens for a reason, and sometimes you cannot understand why or what do to, you just have to be

3. Time out, reflecting, reading and doing different things is a good thing, even if you would prefer to do different at the time 😉

Two things I am going to work on:

1. Learning to let go fully, and stop trying to ‘fix’ things that you cannot fix. When I was ‘trying’ to fix the problem, I wasn’t fully just being. Oh yes, we all learn,all the time.

2. As others truly succeed, be calm and focus on getting yourself well, everything happens for a reason.  In those challenging moments I have thought, I represent Energised & Kimpossible, this ‘limiting’ state does not represent that, however, by having the courage to write my honest blogs I realise, I hope that I am empowering others to be positive, Energised & believe in the Possibilities … where will your tracks take you in life? Are you on the right track?

One thing to take forwards: WP_001158

Whatever happens, you cannot change what has happened, but you do have a choice about how you move forwards.  It is my choice to nurture myself, the people close to me, empower my clients and continue to grow the Energised Family.  I truly believe once I am fully strong again I will be a wiser, more compassionate, effective, strong, balanced Coach & Individual … and you will all achieve even more 🙂

I know after 4 weeks of anti biotics it will take a good 4-6 weeks to feel really energised and fully ‘normally me’ again, so that is my focus, the Energised Summer Meal is on 29th July (if not before), I aim to blog and update you all, and share with the Energised Family my refined and updated goals for the second half of this wonderful year (there are some good ones but I don’t want to tempt things by sharing until Part 3!).

In the meantime, I will quietly become stronger, from the inside out and look forward to working with you all next week, month or year, whenever that may be:-)

And tomorrow I will present my Impact Seminars with Energised Business to Danone UK in London, I know this will be my best from all I have learned so far.

I hope by reading this you will gain courage & commitment to be your best, to know that from your biggest challenges your greatest learnings and growth will happen!

Be fit, Be Strong, Be Mighty & Be Well – Race at your Best, Live in the Moment, Laugh ever day & Learn for your Future, #kimpossible on the return, thank YOU all x

ps. Massive Thank YOU!

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