Basketball & Sports Massage in Bristol

Firestorm 2011
Sports Massage Therapist Gail tell’s us why she loves basketball….. you can come and try it out too!
I may have mentioned my passing interest in basketball a few times now, even in the off-season there’s still a lot going on in the area.We currently have the under 20’s GB teams training camps in Bristol, last weekend’s games were against Belgium and this weekend’s against Slovakia.
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Then there’s the fantastic news of Bristol Sport Ltd buying Bristol Academy Flyer’s franchise into the 2014-2015 British Basketball League, a first for Bristol.
Personally I’ve started to treat a local league team in Clevedon, getting them back into neutral ready for the pre-season training – plyometrics anyone! All sports have their particular quirks, for basketball it’s the quick change of pace and direction, jumping for that all important dunk shot or block and dribbling the ball up the court. Warming up thoroughly and making you sure you allow time to cool down and stretch properly help maintain the edge.Check out the U20’s GB teams at WISE, SGS College, Friday and Saturday night at 8pm, free entry and just ask at Reception where to go 🙂

Remember, Gail is available for massage Saturday’s 9am – 1pm in Bristol, obviously great for people who play basketball, along with lots of other sports!