Healthy Halloween Recipes to boost Immunity!



Its nearly time for Halloween, the clocks changing and the winter months ahead – so why not allow yourself to be excited by this and start cook some really delicious winter warming recipes – guaranteed to fill you up, boost your immune system and give you lots of energy. Here is a couple to start you off – let us know if you would like any more!


Apple Boosting Appetiser 


Perfect to protect yourself from germs and viruses at the gym (which due to the aircon are quite high!). This snack has a strong decongestant and anithistamine properties, combined with high levels of fibre – perfect…get cooking!


Serves 2 but just double and will serve 4 and so on!


* 2 cooking apples – vit C and so much more (an apple a day keeps the Doc away – Grandmothers are right!)

* 1 large chunk of ginger – fresh (great for good respiratory system)

* 1/2 tablespoon of cinnamon (great for lungs and circulation)

* 2 prunes (fibre!)

* 25g light muscovado sugar

* 1 teaspoon butter




1.  Heat Oven to 200 degrees or Gas Mark 6 – core & score the apples but leave them whole, place them in a baking dish with a little water.

2. In  a bowl , combine the ginger finely chopped with the cinnamon, prunes and sugar – mix well and then place inside the core of the apples so they are stuffed full of goodness – top each with a small knob of butter and banke for about 30-35mins or until cooked through – when you can pierce  a sharp knife easily through the middle they are ready!

3. Remove from the oven and pour the juices over the top.


Now you can eat – yum!! Or you could be naughty and add some custard of ice cream but we are not promoting that bit…let us know how you get on.


Happy Halloween 🙂


(Adapted and taken from FitPro Magazine Oct/Nov 2009 Issue with thanks)