Live your Life, Make a Choice to be Happy?


 Life is a challenge, and you have a choice how you choose to go through it right?  I meet the most amazing people through my work, those who have suffered every possible physical and mental illness, to those who have nothing material in their lives and those who have everything.

And I can honestly say that the people who are happiest are those who are happy in themselves – those who chose to accept the person they are and be proud of who they are.  The people who can laugh and cry, support and respect others, as well as supporting and respecting themselves first.

It doesn’t seem to matter what the person has in their life – of course this helps, however fundamentally it seems to be the happiest person is the person who knows they are good enough inside out, just as they are (TV shows like How to Look Good Naked : Gok encourages you to embrace the person you are – a great example of this).  They are the people who chose to focus on the positive, and motivation towards something – and move away from limiting behaviour and thoughts.

Ah ha – before you go this is unrealistic – this is not to say challenging things will not happen, and people we love will pass away. But it is how you chose to allow these events to shape your life, effect how you feel and have the courage to do.

So I challenge you to decide that it is okay to be happy, and that you are a good person.  Why not sit down and write at least 10 qualities that you like about yourself, and then get a friend to do the same about you.  Then write down up to five things you keep saying you are going to do, but never quite do it. Then, write down all the limiting factors and behaviours that affect you in a list – and next to them write down how you could begin to change this – it could simply be to go out for a walk or listen to music to break the state – call a friend – or think of a positive word instead of a limiting one.

Then write down some dates that will commit you to achieving your goals, and next to the dates how you are going to make it happen, and how you will feel when it does happen.

Many people will argue this takes too much time, and it won’t work – and if you choose to think like this it probably will not. However, if you would like to try it – although it takes time, and involved self reflection – it does work if you commit to it.  You may have had those limiting thoughts and behaviour for years, so be kind to yourself and allow a few months for change to begin.

Remember, it is not the glory of destination, but the learnings, ,memories and happiness of the journey…..

Our thoughts are our behaviour, they are our choice, and create our reality. Time is the only coin we truly have to spend – so I encourage you to spend it wisely and have the courage to make some simple changes – for You.

And above all Have FUN and allow yourself to be Happy in those moments 🙂

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