From London to New Zealand, Amsterdam & Edinburgh, Energised Style!

Such a great week, filled with so many different things.  I really do love my work and feel very fortunate to work with such a wonderful group of people.

7 days ago I started my week with a Hormones, Health and Happiness Course with Dax Moy, which I can highly recommend. Packed full of interesting, thought provoking information & the industries best trainers, I am still ‘digesting’, reading and testing some of the theories. Lots more to come and I will blog about it in a few weeks time. What I would be interested to know is what you find works for you best with regards to time of day you eat and food types.

Following this I had a lovely evening with some of my best friends from university days, so important to balance work and life whoever you are.

Then I did some of my course work for my Hypnotherapy for Fertility and Hormone qualification which is totally fascinating and I really look forward to working in more depth with some clients as well as a great muddy training session on Sunday, followed by a large roast dinner. 

Onto this week which has been packed full of great clients, many of which are racing at the World Triathlon Championships in New Zealand, the Amsterdam Marathon & the Men’s Health Survival of the Fittest in Edinburgh, where I will be racing.  Many of these clients final sessions were on Skype to the other side of the World, which still amazes me and is so exciting to be able to work with athletes, wherever they are racing in the world.

On Wednesday I walked around London clocking up about 12miles and going to the Fitness Writers Association Meeting with some excellent speakers, Rob Beale from David Lloyd, Sally Gunnell, David Stalker Head of the FIA and Peta Bee, leading fitness journalist, filling us in on some interesting thoughts to get ore than 12% of the population energised and active! Watch this space… I had two other meetings, one with Caroline P& Jenny P (watch this space again!) and one with Seka Nikolic, leading bio energy healer following some biopsy’s, fascinating.

So, with the Energised Rest week happening (key for quality results, recovery and motivation). I am off to practise what I advice in Scotland and have some fun, rest, relaxation plus some Energised plotting!  As well as a bit of Energised action at the Men’s Health Survival of the Fittest…

I would like to wish all the Energised Athletes the Biggest Good Luck this weekend, be your very best possible on the day, have courage and go for it. Whatever you are doing this weekend, make it count and really look forward to sharing more of my knowledge and learning from the summary in this blog when the Festive Term begins with the Charity Big Bootcamp for Breast Cancer on Saturday 27th October, followed by daily courses, tips and thoughts until Christmas!  To find out more just have a look on the EP website, Facebook or Twitter feeds.

Any if we can help you feel more Energised, Inside and Out by Christmas let us know, we are more than happy to support you achieve your goals.