The Importance of Being Restful

This week is the Energised Rest Week, key for optimal recovery, improved performance and motivation.

Following a great weekend of Team Energised Action and Results at the Bowood Duathlon, World Triathlon Champs, Men’s Health Survival of the Fittest & Amsterdam Marathon it seemed an appropriate week to have as a rest week.  But why rest?  I often hear this from clients saying they don’t need to take rest as they love training. 

By rest we mean a reduction in the quantity and intensity of training but not just sitting on your buttocks!  

This is a mini summary of a quality rest week which may help you enhance your training and well being: 

Just a few things to do in a rest week: 

– Daily activity, walking those recommended 10,000 steps which will reduce the physical stress levels in the body yet keep it working optimally 

– Good quality nutrition with quality proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Often people reduce their intake if they are training hard, when actually your body needs good quality food to repair optimally 

– Plenty of water, lemon and warm water, green tea to cleanse, hydrate and refresh the body 

– Plenty of stretching, rolling, light weights, stability and mobility work

– Review of any niggles, concerns or imbalances in mind, body or life and the chance to redress the balance and implement a solution 

– Massage, reflexology, osteopathic treatment – whatever works best for you, MOT your body and mind

– Good sleep, ideally between 10pm and 6am

– Fun with friends, outside of training 

– Reviewing your goals, mental and physical in line with keeping your life in balance 

What you will could gain from having a focused, productive restful week: 

– Improved muscle condition and response 

– Reduction of injuries and reduced niggles 

– Improved mobility, stability and biomechanics 

– Reduction in stress hormones & imbalance caused from the stress of training

– Improved energy, immunity and overall wellbeing & balance in life/relationships 

– Increased motivation and positive focus

Just a mini thought about a few easy things to do, and the gains you could have by taking a regular rest/recovery/easy week.  This could be every 4-8 weeks in your training plan and with many of my female clients we cycle their training plans so that the week before their period, when their immunity and energy is lower, they have an easier week.  This gives them the very best response to training, without causing the body unnecessary stress. 

The Energised Festive Term will begin on Saturday with the Charity Bootcamp for Breast Cancer Care at 8.30-10am and we would love to see everyone there, please bring as many people as you know, this follows on with lots of courses and fun from Monday 29th October! 

For more information please just text 07720 845849, visit the website or follow our Twitter @kimingleby or Facebook Groups!! Be Energised this Christmas Time.