Slow down to Gain

Just a mini thought, ‘Slow down before you stop…’. What could this be about I hear you ask!   

Well it seems over the last few months quite a few people have come to me with high levels of stress, which is making them tired, lacking in energy, well being and motivation.  However, they are continuing to push their boundaries to ‘try’ and remain fit and strong. 

Sometimes I will actually recommend that a client just eases off their training and actually focuses on walking daily for an hour, stretching, meditating, visualising, breathing deeply and light core/strength work.   This allows someones system to slow down, fully regenerate, re balance and return to well being and optimal health, which then allows them to achieve new levels of fitness, bigger goals and have more energy. 

Some people are scared to stop, fearing they will lose all they have gained.  Trust me, taking a couple of easy weeks out may mean you lose the edge of your fitness in that moment. Yet what you will gain, could give you a greater edge in the bigger picture.  The elite athletes, extreme charity adventurers and media personalities I work with all do this, you just don’t hear about it because that is when they are resting, recharging and reflecting. Ready to be their very best for their next challenge. 

I too take time out when I am just doing Energised things, but my own training is light and relaxed to allow my body to regenerate.  After the Ironman & work at the Olympics I did a race early September and I then three weeks easy, light training.  This allowed my body to fully recover from all I have done, gave me time to plan my next ideas and goals, and allowed me to return to training really motivated and revived!  Plus, any imbalances which may be niggling in the background will appear, which will allow you to get them sorted and come back even stronger. 

So, trust me and the professional athletes I work with, that listening to your body is key.  Okay, sometimes you just don’t feel like a session and you have to make yourself do it.  That is different to continual tiredness, lack of motivation or energy. The continued ‘low’ feelings mean you could just benefit from a easy couple of weeks, and when I am planning training & mental strength coaching with clients we will cycle an easy week in their plan every 4th, 6th or 8th week depending on their goals, fitness levels and desired outcome. 

It’s something I will be presenting around in November with some high achieving business people, and a couple of Olympic athletes, very exciting! 

And this weekend I am off to advance my knowledge around hormones and health, which I am sure will lead to an interesting blog next week. In the meantime, have a great weekend if you racing, a safe flight if you are travelling to the World Triathlon Champs in New Zealand and take a moment to ‘chill’ whatever you are doing. Kim 🙂 

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